CuatroPétalos Gourmet. Extra virgin olive oil


CuatroPétalos Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just an extra virgin olive oil, it is more than that, it is a unique experience in aroma and flavor that will transport you to that era when stone mills and esparto mats were used to extract this precious juice.


Unique flavor selection of the best olives turning color "en envero".


The palate can taste a very balanced taste bitter and spicy with elegant touches characteristics of early olive.


  • Finest Quality olive oil directly obtained from olives in First Coldpress and through mechanical process only.


  • Flavour of flreshly cut herb with pleasant notes of green fruits, like apple and banana, almond...

Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cardiovascular, pancreatic and liver protector. Also if consumption is regular prevents "cancer" lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

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